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Amazon FBA Labelling

When you need a solution provider to assist with your labeling, there is no better place than Pace Global Logistics. As an approved Amazon Solution Partner, with extensive experience managing FBA inventory for hundreds of clients, you can rest assured that we execute projects at the highest level to ensure compliance and 100% compliance to guidelines set by FBA.



  • The label that you place on each item must include the following information:
    1.) Barcode, with appropriate quiet zone areas (the clear area surrounding a bar code).
    2.) String identifier for the barcode.
    3.) Title and description.
    4.) Condition (for example, USED)
  • FNSKU is an identifier used by Amazon fulfillment centers to identify individual offers of a specific ASIN. They are applied to items to identify them as unique to the merchant.
  • There are guidelines to be followed when labeling your product to ensure they are processed by FBA as illustrated above.
  • Cover all existing barcodes. Unless you are sending sticker less, commingled inventory, be sure to cover the existing barcodes on each item.
  • Use the proper print media for your printer. Each label must be readable and scannable for at least 24 months. This means that the label must not smudge or fade over that period of time. Using laser paper and laser toner with a laser printer, for example, can help keep labels readable and scannable.

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how we help

  • There are a vast array of reasons that product may need to be repackaged and relabeled. We know that this can be an exhausting and frustrating time, but we want you to know that we are here to help you.
  • We are your complete Amazon FBA 3PL logistics provider geared to meet your needs for FBA Prep, Labeling and more.
  • Our breadth of service encompasses specialized logistical capabilities designed to integrate efficiency and cost savings into your FBA logistics paradigm.