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Global Forwarding

Global Freight Forwarders

global freight forwarder

We are a professional freight forwarding company. Our logistics freight solutions can help you move your freight anywhere in the world. As global forwarders, we work to give timely and painless shipments with our International Logistic Services, and please your customers.

Moving cargo anywhere in the world is easy with Pace Global Freight Forwarder services.

Our Logistics Freight Solutions provides shipping services for customers that require the transportation of their goods from one place to another. The company offers a variety of services including cargo transport, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and global logistics. We also provide international logistic services to handle all aspects of the transportation process from pickup to delivery, including loading and unloading.


PACE GLOBAL LOGISTICS Freight Solutions offers full-service logistics including warehouse management, inventory management, and distribution. As Global Freight Forwarder the company’s extensive knowledge of international trade and customs laws allows us to assist our clients with all aspects of the process.


The company is able to offer customized services to meet the needs of their customers. We as global forwarders are experienced in the transportation of oversized items, hazardous materials, and delicate cargo.


We offer cargo insurance, import/export consulting, and air freight forwarding.

global freight forwarder


Use a qualified freight forwarder to plan or accelerate your domestic and international air cargo shipments. We can assist in getting it there whether you only need one crate, a whole container, or a chartered plane.



A skilled freight forwarder can help you schedule ground freight services for your full truckload, LTL, or container shipments. There are also rail services for bulk shipping of dry and liquid commodities in several containers.


Reliable ocean freight services can deliver shipping containers or bulk products to your planned port of call. Intermodal transportation can be set up by your freight forwarder to deliver the cargo from your door to your customer.

With Pace Global Logistics as your

global import and export partner

 you can easily manage all parts of your international supply chain.

Whether you need

01.Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding
03.Inland ground and Rail distribution
04.Project Cargo
06.Regulatory requirements & Trade compliance
Pace Global Logistics is a leading provider of international freight forwarding services including multi-mode air, ocean, ground and rail options.



International Air Freight
International Air Freight

Thanks to our extensive background in air freight and strategic planning, you can be assured from the moment you contact us that we will get the job done. Further info on details page . . . .

International Ocean Freight
International Ocean Freight

If you are shipping heavy, large volume goods and can afford a lead time of between 3 to 6 weeks, ocean freight will be your most cost-effective option. Further info on details page . . . .

International Express Courier Services – Rush & Time-Sensitive Delivery
International Express Courier Services – Rush & Time-Sensitive Delivery

At Pace Global Logistics, we know that an urgent shipment can be make or break for your production line, operations, new launch or customer relationships. Further info on details page . . . .