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Amazon FBA Removal Order Service

Removing inventory from
an Amazon FBA fulfillment center

  • Amazon has opened up a world of opportunity for sellers, but at times it’s necessary to have your inventory removed from their fulfillment centers. Why would a merchant / seller need their inventory removed from Amazon FBA?
    1. The supplier / vendor used an incorrect label on the package
    2. FBA has informed you that you need an additional label on the package to comply with policy.
    3. Inventory is damaged or defective
    4. Long-term storage fees
    5. Inventory to be exported to another country for FBA fulfillment
  • While there are countless other reasons for removing inventory, these are concerns that we frequently encounter. What is important is knowing that you have a partner to help.
  • Contact us now for your quick guide to creating a removal order and register for Pace Global Logistics to fully manage your FBA Removal Order.

Amazon FBA Removal Order Labeling Solution?

  • You are in the right place! There are many reasons that product may need to be repackaged and relabeled. We know that this can be an exhausting and frustrating time, but we want you to know that we are here to help you.
  • As Amazon’s top-rated returns management solution provider, we offer FBA sellers a solution that relabels, repackages, and delivers to FBA. The service helps merchants, just like you, re-purpose inventory and get it back into the sales channel for distribution and sales.
  • For more information about our Relabel & Repackaging Amazon Removal orders, visit us here to learn about pricing:
      •     Amazon FBA Re-labeling
      •     Export FBA Removal Orders with Pace Global Logistics

Removal order management
for International Sellers

  • As a foreign seller it becomes a little more confusing how to manage your shipment from Amazon to your international address. Since Amazon will not directly export your goods, they have partnered with Pace Global Logistics to manage the process.
  • Register with Pace Global Logistics
  • Create the removal order from within Seller Central – Select the inventory to removed, enter your unique address at Pace Global Logistics and confirm the order.
  • Amazon’s preferred carriers will deliver Pace Global Logistics your inventory. We will email you a full report of the shipments received on a weekly basis. Once the removal order has been completed, you can share instructions to ship back to you or even any other FBA in the world!
  • Simple, cost effective removal order management and international shipping.