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FBA Services FAQ


Our General Processing & Handling covers the exterior of the product packaging. Our Detailed Product Inspection, or Product Verification, includes opening the product packaging to inspect the product itself and/or verifying the contents pertaining to the product itself. This is an added value service with an additional fee of $0.35-$2.00 per unit based on the intricacy of your product. This addition can be selected for any portion of your shipment you desire. This service is of benefit if you are concerned about manufacturer’s craftsmanship or want to ensure your product’s overall quality meets the high standards you expect.

Our General Processing & Handling fee is a fixed rate that applies to any unit undergoing individual handling services of any kind. We offer a “Forwarding Only” service which will eliminate the processing fee. Our Forwarding Only fees vary and can be found on our pricing page.

Yes, our minimum purchase price is $50.00 as a combined invoice for any services you avail from us.

Our $0.45 per standard size unit General Processing & Handling service is our premier and most valuable service. With General Processing & Handling, you will receive:

1. Comprehensive customer support
2. Receiving
3. Compliance verification
4. Photo documentation when necessary
5. Unpacking your shipping cartons
6. Inventorying your shipment for quantity accuracy
7. Visually inspecting product packaging for defects or damage
8. Repacking your shipping cartons in compliant and secure configurations
9. Shipping dunnage for support during transit
10. Providing carton specifications for your outbound shipment
11. Assistance with generating your shipping plans
12. Receiving your shipping labels & verifying accuracy
13. Minor carton repairs
14. Accurately applying shipping labels
15. Facilitating the UPS / FedEx pick up
16. 90 Day free storage for excess processing materials, (inserts, replacement boxes, etc.)
17. Complimentary 7 business day storage for completed orders


Amazon will distribute your shipment(s) based on Amazon’s disbursement matrix. For an additional per-unit fee paid to Amazon, you have the option to change your account settings to enable placement into only one Amazon-chosen warehouse. This option can be changed between shipments.

All labels should be placed neatly for legibility. Units may display as many labels as necessary. Barcodes must be placed flat to be properly scanned.

With advance notice, we may be able to provide plain individual product packaging. With your custom label template, we may be able to print and apply a logo label to enhance your plain boxes. We also have a local print shop for your printing needs we cannot accommodate. We can construct and place your units into your flat-packed packaging starting at $0.75 per unit.

We can provide multiple sizes of Amazon-compliant poly bags starting at $0.50.

We can provide high-grade bubble-wrap starting at $0.80 per standard size unit.

Poly bags will require a Suffocation Warning label if the opening of the bag is 5” or greater.

All products need to disclose a visible “Country of Origin” label to be in compliance of U.S. Customs Requirements. Shipping cartons also need to display a Country of Origin disclosure to be complying of U.S. Customs Requirements. The requirement for Amazon will vary based on your product’s category.

Amazon requires all products to display one barcode.

If your account has enabled Sticker less Commingled Inventory, your products will not require an FNSKU.

If your account has enabled Stickered, Non-Commingled Inventory, your products will require an FNSKU.

Products requiring FNSKU labeling do not need to display a UPC code but must still have a UPC assigned to the listing.

You may find your selection by logging into your Seller Account and browsing to:

Product labels (FNSKU) will be generated through your Seller Central account. Your FNSKU labels need to be provided to us prior to your shipment’s arrival to prevent delays.

To create your FNSKU labels: Once in Seller Central, choose “Manage Inventory” from the top left of your screen. Select the product you want to create labels for by “checking” the box to the left of it, and then move to the right of it and use your drop down “action” menu to choose “print item labels”. From there, it will bring you directly to the FNSKU screen. You’ll see MSKU to the left, and all the way to the right you’ll see an entry field with the number “1“. You will need to manually update that number to the total number of products you need labeled.

Once completed, please keep the default setting of “30 Up Standard US Letter” format, and then click “print item labels “. Rather than printing, when your print screen appears, you will opt to “save as PDF file “. Save them as a PDF file in a conspicuous place, perhaps on your desktop, and then attach them into an email for us. We will do the rest!

Please postpone the creation of your outbound shipping labels until the conclusion of our services. We will provide you with all of the most current and accurate information to generate your labels to eliminate the risk of duplicate shipping fees. You may create your shipping plan in advance to gain access to your packing lists, but please do not “approve charges” until we have confirmed with you as a refund for inaccurate labels is only granted within 24 hours of creation.

Your Amazon bound shipping labels will be generated and paid for in your Seller Central account. You will be eligible for significantly discounted shipping rates when selecting Amazon’s Partnered Carrier, UPS. You can expect between $0.30 and $0.50 per pound for a small parcel shipment. We can also provide shipping rates via UPS, FedEx and LTL.

Air Express shipments valued below $2500 will generally be “batch cleared” by your Express carrier, and therefore be granted “informal entry”, by passing a customs broker. Cargo exceeding $2500 in commercial value will require the services of a customs broker. Please contact us for Customs Brokerage Services.

Pace Global Logistics staff adhere to a strict non-disclosure policy. In conjunction with this policy, we can assure you our Amazon seller status will never compete with yours. We take great honor in being of service to you.

Pace Global Logistics can help prepare products to meet Amazon FFP requirements.

You may find the following link helpful in determining how your specific products should be packaged.

We will ensure your packaging is compliant during our processing and advise you should we discover anything in need of alteration.

Amazon enforces a 25-inch maximum carton measurement for all cartons, a 50 lb. maximum weight limit for all cartons and a 150 maximum quantity restriction on all inbound case-packed items. Individually assembled shipments do not need to adhere to a quantity restriction so long as the weight and measurement restrictions are met.

Pace Global Logistics can offer some printing services. Please inquire with your specific need for a tailored quote.

We also have a local print shop for your printing needs we cannot accommodate.

Our forwarding only service is a per-carton flat-rate service. Please see our current pricing page for pricing.

An FCC request will need to be filed with Amazon, as batteries are considered hazardous material due to the possibility of leakage. This process can take up to a week or longer. We recommend that you send the batteries in small packages outside of your battery-operated device or have them shrink wrapped together and placed separately in your incoming cartons with your product for the easiest import transaction and handling purposes.

We accept Amazon Returns & Removal Orders for $0.65 per incoming unit in addition to selected service fees. All standard processing fees apply as well as our $50.00 Minimum Purchase Price.

LTL (less than a truckload) shipments are palletized and offer significant savings and stability for particularly heavy shipments. Our palletizing fees are $25.00 per pallet, which includes an Amazon compliant pallet, professional pallet assembly and wrap, and application of your pallet labels. A single pallet can be no more than 1500 pounds, must be less than 72” in height, and no more than 48 x 40 inches. Small parcel shipments are loose, single cartons that will be individually handled.

We offer short-term storage solutions. Orders undergoing General Processing & Handling receive a 7-day grace period following processing. Forward Only orders are offered a 3-day grace period following arrival. Our storage rates are calculated at $0.60 per square cu. ft., per month, with a $25 per month, minimum.

We accept payment through PayPal, credit card, and wire transfer. Service fees apply.

We accept and unload 20 ft containers for a fee of $375.00, 40 ft containers for a fee of $500.00, and 50 ft containers for a fee of $500.00. We do have a forklift available. Our receiving fee is based on a live, manual unload by Pace Global Logistics. Container deliveries will need to be scheduled in advance or face rejection.

We cannot provide UPC codes through our company. You will have to purchase it through an online reputable source. We recommend researching GS1 barcodes before any UPC purchase.

We should never be listed as the “consignee” of your shipment. You, the importer, are the consignee and the “bill to” party.