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Repackage Amazon FBA Returns

Global Sellers face bigger than usual financial challenges when it comes to returns management. Introducing the relabeling & repacking solution for Amazon Removal Orders.


  • Global sellers take big risk when selling on Amazon thus we are offering Repackage Amazon FBA Overstock / Returns / Removal Orders.
  • This program gives your returns a second life. For those items that are returned from Amazon that are suitable for resell, for example overstock and new returns, we will work our magic and get them ready to be sold into the market again.
  • We will provide all the necessary prep, labeling necessary for you to relist the goods to be sold through the Amazon Marketplace.

What qualifies to be repackaged for FBA?

  • FBA Refused Product – shipped to FBA from supplier and refused due to packaging issues, incorrect labels, or prep issues (talk to a care representative for case by case approval)
  • FBA Overstock – Removal Orders avoiding long-term storage fees and/or require labeling
  • New product – Need to create an alternate listing or multiple listing? We can help receive the removal order, re-label, repackage, and transfer to FBA.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to transfer goods to Pace Global Logistics to avoid the high storage rates at Amazon. Perhaps you had problems with a listing and closed it only to create a new one and now need to shift the inventory to the new listing.
  • Despite the circumstances, Pace Global Logistics is here to help with your returns management.

Do you need an Amazon FBA
Removal Order Labeling Solution?

  • You are in the right place! There are a vast array of reasons that product may need to be repackaged and relabeled. We know that this can be an exhausting and frustrating time, but we want you to know that we are here to help you.
  • As Amazon’s top-rated returns management solution provider, we offer FBA sellers a solution that relabels, repackages, and delivers to FBA. The service helps merchants, just like you, re-purpose inventory and get it back into the sales channel for distribution and sales.
  • This service is exclusively for FBA clients who have signed up for service with Pace Global Logistics.
  • Your trusted partner for Amazon FBA Repackaging & Relabeling! We are your complete e-commerce logistics solution provider for all things FBA!