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International Air Freight

International air freight is crucial if you’re transporting aviation cargo across oceans. Things must move quickly and affordably. We’ll thus look for the most effective way to deliver you secure air shipping, whether that be on an aircraft, a commercial trip, or a charter. Because delivering your cargo on time and securely means everything to us.

international air freight


PACE Global Logistics LLC is a company that specializes in helping individuals and businesses with international shipping logistics. Whether you need help finding the best price for your shipment, or you need help getting your shipment through customs. Our Freight Forwarder International Services will work for you for secure transport of your goods.

We as an International Air Freight Forwarder offer a variety of services, including warehousing, trucking, customs clearance, and more. Whether you need to ship a container of goods overseas or just need help getting your shipment through customs, Our Freight Forwarder International Services can help.


Air shipping is a convenient way to ship items to the United States. Customers can ship items from any country to the United States, with the most common countries being The UK, Canada, Mexico, and China. Customers are also able to ship a variety of products, including clothes, electronics, and even vehicles.

When shipping by air, customers can take advantage of the cheapest rates, which may vary depending on the weight of the package. Customers will be able to track their package as it is shipped and know when it will arrive. Customers are also able to ship a variety of products, including clothes, electronics, and even vehicles.

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how we help

Exporting cargo is a specialist task that necessitates thorough familiarity with the export laws and customs policies of the exporting nation. We are Experts in planning the tasks necessary for the efficient export of cargo from one location to another.  As an International Air Freight Forwarder, we are tech savvy and keep ourselves compliant to keep up with the latest changes according to governments and customs procedures.

Transportation of the customer’s goods to the airport for loading into the cargo planes and customs documentation are the two key processes in freight forwarding and we take utmost care to make this process as smooth as possible.


Our Management and Organisation

Good management and structure are vitally crucial to any firm that wishes to be competitive. PACE GLOBAL air shipping services is perfect for businesses that require a sense of control over their supply chain. With PACE GLOBAL you can be sure of timely resolution of any issue if at all one occurs during freight forwarding. We have the expertise to swiftly identify the issue and its root, which allows us to offer quick fixes.

Access to Trusted Network

Developing solid ties with carriers and officials at ports all around the world is a need for success as a freight forwarder international. Access to all global markets is swift and effective thanks to PACE GLOBAL LOGISTICS. No matter where our clients are located, being able to meet their immediate needs is our priority. Additionally, they have access to our networks’ exceptional adaptability, which is useful for meeting deadlines or addressing unforeseen issues. As an air freight forwarder PACE GLOBAL LOGISTICS has the network and tools necessary to deal with unforeseen events like delays or shipment rerouting.

international air freight

Cost Effectiveness

You can save money by using PACE GLOBAL international air freight forwarder in a number of different ways. For instance, we can save expenditures overall by providing consolidation when it is essential. We achieve this by managing the logistics sectors for air freight while also comparing rates in a rate management system software. PACE GLOBAL LOGISTICS as air freight forwarders are masters at fixing issues. Due to our extensive expertise and experience in international trade, finding cost-saving alternatives and increasing supply chain effectiveness come naturally to us. Last but not least, we have a strong global network of connections. We give make better deals via networking, which helps our clients save money.

Thanks to our extensive background in air freight and strategic planning, you can be assured from the moment you contact us that we will get the job done.
Quick Delivery
When time is critical and you need the fastest, most direct route, we’ll find a flight that will meet your deadline, at the best possible rate.
Cost – Effective Delivery
If you have a limited budget and are not pressed for time, we’ll find you a reliable, cost-effective route, perhaps using non-direct flights or through our dedicated air consolidation services.
Customer Service
Our international offices and partnerships give us a presence all over the world, so we can load and deliver your goods quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the highest levels of customer service.
Our experience and knowledge of air freight ensures that we can predict almost any potential issues and deal with them before they occur. So, you can just relax and leave it all in our capable hands.